STAFF: Lecturer

Name: Mr Forbes Makudza 

Designation: Lecturer
Department: Business Management
Contact Details:


MSc Marketing (NUST),
BBS Marketing (BUSE) and
Currently pursing DPhil Commerce-Marketing (UZ)


Mr. Makudza is a Lecturer in the Department of Business Management at Manicaland State University (MSUAS) since March 2019. Before joining MSUAS, he was lecturing marketing and business administration modules at Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University (ZEGU) for both the Harare and Bindura Classes. He also lectured marketing at Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE) since 2014. Mr. Makudza took part in the development of the memorandum of understanding between Bindura University of Science Education and the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ) which saw the commencement of the Professional Diploma in Public Relations. Makudza taught the pioneer group and other successive classes. Mr. Makudza was also an active member of the team which spearheaded the strategic alliance between Bindura University of Science Education and Digitally Smart (UK). The alliance led to the development of an online Digital Marketing programme, which was jointly owned by BUSE and Digitally Smart.
Throughout his academic career, Mr. Makudza received several accolades for academic excellence, some of these include book prizes and awards for outstanding performances. The following are some of his outstanding accolades:

  •  National University of Science and Technology (NUST) BOOK PRIZE for the Best MSc Graduating Student.
  • National University of Science and Technology (NUST) BOOK PRIZE for the Best MSc Research project.
  • Vice Chancellor BOOK PRIZE for graduating with an MSc DISTINCTION (First Class).
  • Bindura University AWARDS for the Best Male Student and Overall Best Student in the Bachelor of Business Studies Honours Degree in MARKETING.

The following are the most recent modules which Mr. Makudza taught:

Consumer Behaviour, Brand Management, Marketing Management, Sales and Marketing Forecasting, Product Marketing, Industrial Marketing, Principles of Marketing, Company Law, Entrepreneurship and Customer Relationship Management. 

Research Interest:

Mr Makudza’s research thrust is premised on digital technologies and how they affect marketing of goods and services to consumers and business to business environments. Specific lines of interest in the digital world which Mr Makudza is pursuing include the essence of social commerce, mobile commerce and electronic commerce on consumer and buyer behaviour. Several papers have since been published to explore marketing and business opportunities in these digital areas. 

Journal Publications: 

Makudza, F., Muparangi, S., Siziba, S. (2021) The differential effect of emotional labour on boundary spanners. Journal of Wellbeing Management and Applied Psychology, 4(1), 1-10. 

Makudza, F. (2020). Augmenting customer loyalty through customer experience management in the banking industry. Journal of Asian Business and Economic Studies (Emerald Insight), 27(2). 

Makudza, F., Masiyanise, L., & Mtisi, E. (2020). The differential impact of bulk text message advertising on consumer attention. Journal of Industrial Distribution & Business, 11(7), 7-17.   

Makudza, F., Muchongwe, N., & Dangaiso, P. (2020). Workforce diversity: A springboard for employee productivity and customer experience. Journal of Industrial Distribution & Business, 11(10), 49-58.  

Makudza, F., Mugarisanwa, P., & Siziba, S. (2020). The effect of social media on consumer purchase behaviour in the mobile telephony industry in Zimbabwe. Dutch Journal of Finance and Management, 4(3), 17-28. 

Maumbe, B., Musekiwa, A., & Makudza, F. (2020). Coca-Cola Franchising Business Model: The Case of Mutare Bottling Company in Zimbabwe. International Journal of Business Marketing and Management, 5(7), 1-8. 

Muparangi, S., Makudza, F. (2020). Innovation: The driving force for entrepreneurial performance among small, informal businesses. Sustainable Business and Society in Emerging Economies.    

Makudza, F., Muridzi, G., & Chirima, D.T. (2019) An analysis of the business process reengineering (bpr) implementation practices and their impact on customer satisfaction in the banking sector. Amity Journal of Marketing, 4(1), 24-52. 

Marandu, E., Makudza, F., & Ngwenya., S (2019). Predicting Students intention and actual use of e-learning using the technology acceptance model: A Case from Zimbabwe. International Journal of Learning, Teaching and Educational Research, 18(6) pp. 110-127. 

Research Papers Under Review:

Makudza, F., Mandongwe, L., & Muridzi, G. (2021). A model of financial factors that influence growth of sole proprietorship. Under review with the Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Emerging Economies, (SAGE). 

Makudza, F., Tasara, G., & Muridzi, G. (2021). The Zimbabwe cola wars: The strength of the Coca-Cola’s product strategy against consumer’s intention to switch to Pepsi. Under review with the Journal of Economics, Marketing and Management, (KODISA). 

Mandongwe, L., Jaravaza, D. C., Makudza, F. (2021). Cost and management accounting practices of rural SMEs: the role of religiosity, demographics and firm characteristics. Under review with Cogent Business and Management, (Taylor and Francis). 

Working Papers

Makudza, F., Muridzi, G., Muchongwe, N. (2021). Determinants of entrepreneurial mindset among young women in Zimbabwe. Data analysis stage.

Makudza, F., Sandada, M., & Madzikanda, D. D. (2021). A critique of the sequential consumer decision making model in the social commerce sphere. Data analysis stage. 

Makudza, F., Sandada, M., & Madzikanda, D. D. (2021). An adaptive analysis of social commerce acceptance measurement. Data analysis stage.

Muchongwe, N., Makudza, F., & Muchongwe, N. (2021). Women in start-up businesses: Enhancing their participation in developing programmes, evidence from the community of Buhera. Data analysis stage.

Muridzi, G., Makudza, F., Muchongwe, N. (2021). A critical evaluation of the devolution agenda in Zimbabwe: Developing a framework for successful implementation. Data collection stage.