Welcome to the Department of Human Resource Management. Our BSc HRM programme structure sums up the nature and breadth of our contribution in the field of Human Capital Development and our quest to profoundly contribute to the global competitiveness of our country. This is achieved through the provision of high quality teaching, training including academic advisory services on a needs oriented basis. The delicacy nature of the people resource in the management of organizational resources is what distinguishes the practice from the rest. In fact, the dynamic business landscape entails a great deal of innovation, shrewd intellectual prowess, much professionalism and functional agility which the department is indebted to offer as a full package through academic excellence. We are committed, as a team, to assist learners actuate their potential, pursue their career goals and fulfill God’s purpose for the creation of man (Man was created to work, and with people, organisations get work done).

To become an epitome of excellence in nurturing highly acclaimed graduates who are able to articulate and unlock the HR-firm performance link.


The department is mandated to offer exceptional degree programmes which prepare world class people resource champions who are equal strategic partners within the strategic matrix of any business organisation.

• Discipline
• Accountability
• Student engagement
• Professionalism
• Commitment
• Innovation
• Integrity
• Teamwork

Human Resource Management Honors

Normal Entry

For normal entry into BSc Human Resource Management Honours Degree programme, applicants should have obtained at least two passes at `A’ Level in the following subjects: Accounting, Economics, Sociology, Psychology, Management of Business and Any `A’ level area of study involving the study of Literature.

Special Entry

Applicants who have successfully completed the Institute of People Management of Zimbabwe (IPMZ) National Diploma or have obtained equivalent qualifications may apply for entry into BSc Human Resource Management Honours degree programme. Candidates admitted under special entry may be exempted from certain modules at the discretion of the department. Such candidates shall be expected to complete the degree programme in less than three years.

The degree programme aims to produce innovative graduates crowned with entrepreneurial skills to match with the demands of the technologically driven work environment of modern times. Additional to adding value to their organisations, our graduates can serve as equal strategic partners equipped with flexible skills that drive change in their organisations for sustainable competitive advantage. Graduates of MSUASs HRM degree programme will find rewarding careers as:

Human Resource Officers/Managers/ Executives/Directors.
General Management / Business Partners
Training Officers/Managers/Trainers/ Facilitators.
Industrial Relations Officers
Payroll Administrators/ Officers/ Managers.
Research Officers/Research fellows
Public Relations Practitioners.
Public Sector Officers.
HR Consultants/Business Consultants.
Labour Movement Advocates