Library General Rules and Regulations


In order to maintain a conducive reading and researching environment, the Manicaland State University of Applied Sciences Library require all users to comply with the following General Rules and Regulations.

  1. Only authorised or registered users will be allowed to use the Library.
  2. Students must produce a current University Registration Form and Identity Card and staff must identify themselves upon entering Library premises.
  3. For security reasons, bags, rain coats, umbrellas and dust coats are not allowed into the Library. These should be left at the Baggage area.
  4. The Library does not take responsibility for any personal belongings, please do not leave or use personal belongings to book a seat.
  5. Silence must be maintained in and around the Library.
  6. Cell phones must be on silent mode.
  7. Smoking, eating and drinking are not allowed in the Library
  8. Failure to return Library materials on time attracts a fine.
  9. The Library restricts borrowing of books to users with outstanding Library fines and / or lost books.
  10. Newspapers, magazines, dissertations and journals are reference sources therefore must be read only in the Library.
  11. Loss and / damage of Library materials must be reported to the Library promptly.
  12. Loss or damage of Library material will be charged times 2.5% the market price.
  13. The Library will suppress results of students with outstanding Library fines and / or lost books at the end of semester.
  14. The Library does not issue out torn or defaced materials, should users damage or deface the borrowed item they are required to replace it.
  • All items taken in or out of the Library are subject to security check at the exit point.