(Computer Science Department)


Information Systems brings about the fusion of Information Technology and Business Processes entangled with manpower as a system driver or system user. With the growing use of Information Communication Technology in our day to day life, it is necessary that we have the trained man power to manufacture, maintain and use the Computers as well as write the software required for the effective and efficient use of the computers and IT. ICT has enabled most businesses to become successful and has become the backbone of most organisational processes augmenting smooth information flow enabled businesses. The role played by Information technology is that of a driver rather than an enabler. IT is used from Simple Office Automation to Decision Support, Re-Engineering, Organisation Transformation and Management. A new genre of manpower / managers is required to harness the awesome capabilities of Information Systems and to tap the potential of this tool to its maximum.
BSc (Hons) Information Systems is structured in ways that map explicitly onto modern technology, and includes systems design, application development in a modern industrial strength programming language, network design and management, web-application development including both server and client side programming as well management and business modules. It incorporates how a modern enterprise works and how to use a wide range of technologies to support its operations. Upon the completion of the degree program, students will be equipped with a critical insight into the applications of Information Systems to the processes of administration, management and innovation within a range of businesses and other organizations.

Welcome to the Department of  Computer Science where we thrive to be the best department endeavouring in quality teaching, research, serving the community, innovation and commercialisation of ideas.

We are guided by the vision to be a university department aimed at solving world’s problems through research and innovation emanating from a committed professional staff base that develop and nature outstanding students who productively, economically and socially impact the global village with new and ancient discoveries for entrepreneurship and industrial development.

The mission of the department is the development, impartation and sustenance of knowledge curatorship. Our objective is to be a leading centre of academic excellence and therefore aim to:
• claim our position as one of the credible Information Systems departments in the world leading research and teaching and benchmark our performance in line with the highest global standards

• foster an excellent quality learning and teaching climate to give great value to the wellbeing of our stakeholders and maintain a distinguished educational portfolio

• produce industrious graduates technically and professionally ready to be at the helm of industrial productivity in line with the highest personal and professional ethics and standards

• Contribute visible to sustainable and social responsibility in promoting technology in Zimbabwe for economic growth and societal upheaval.

We value, Teaching, Research, Integrity, Community engagement, Innovation and Industrialisation.


This program is specifically designed to provide:

Familiarity with a broad range of Information Systems and how they are used.
An understanding of frameworks and planning techniques for the strategic management of Information Systems in
The ability to critically evaluate and apply appropriate strategies and techniques to the development of Information
To synergize Information Systems in their entire ramification.



  Normal Entry

Have passed at least 5 subjects at General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level including Mathematics and English Language.
Have at least 2 Advanced Level passes in Mathematics and or any other Commercial or Science subjects.

 Special Entry

Have passed at least 5 subjects at General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level including Mathematics and English Language.
Hold at least a Diploma in an Approved IT field or equivalent qualifications from recognized institutions.

Mature Entry

NB: Refer to General Academic Regulations

Have passed at least 5 subjects at General Certificate of Education

Ordinary Level including Mathematics and English Language.

Should have reached a minimum age of 23 years for Females and 25

years for males.

Visiting School


A National Diploma in an Information Technology related field or any equivalent Tertiary qualification

            or :

 At least two (2) passes in relevant “A” level subjects and proof of employment



Graduates of this program will be able to function as user advocates, as well as select, create, apply, integrate, and administer computing technologies in order to meet the needs of users within a societal and organisational context.

Possible career paths include:



   E-commerce managers


IT systems consultants


 ICT Managers


IT Auditors


Software developers


Technical Writers


Systems Analyst/ Programmers


Web Masters


Network and Systems Administrators


Systems Engineers


Database Administrators


Enterprise Architects


Business Analysts


Innovations Engineers


Data Analysts


IT Sales Support






ICT Project Managers


Cyber Security Specialists


Chairperson, Computer Science & Information Systems