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Faculty of Agribusiness

The faculty provides perspective, context and deeper understanding to social issues and further interrogates their economic-political impact. Driven by a strong desire for excellence, our mandate is to provide the foundation that stimulates students to adapt, excel and explore the unexpected path. Your choice of #MSUAS is the genesis into a world opportunities.
Information Systems brings about the fusion of Information Technology and Business Processes entangled with manpower as a system driver or system user. With the growing use of Information Communication Technology in our day to day life, it is necessary that we have the trained man power to manufacture, maintain and use the Computers as well as write the software required for the effective and efficient use of the computers and IT.
Development and moulding of our students as technical specialists and managers for either the engineering industry or as engineering entrepreneurs. This will remain a priority in order to contribute to the sustainable development of the minerals industry in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa.

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