From an industrial focused lens, the department is in process of developing a partnership with Afro-soft in developing a prototype software-based solution for tourism, travel and hospitality Small to medium entrepreneurial entities (SMEs and SMMEs) for such to be able to compete with Group Tourism/Hospitality and Travel operators who are establishing monopolistic-mergers in the global village.
The department’s education and training approaches enhances research, analytic, entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial aptitude/capacity through applicable/feasible practice of employable-industrial driven human capital development.

Welcome to the Tourism and Hospitality department at the Manicaland State University of Applied Sciences. The department is the only Tourism and Hospitality education whose curriculum aims to develop a balanced multi-skilled industrial-guided tourism, travel and hospitality competence. As an emerging department, its programme balances research, teamwork, education and training in typical entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial approaches throughout the teaching and learning processes and procedures (mechanism).

 To be unique Consultancy entity and proactive in addressing societal; economic and industrial human capital needs as having symbiotic relationship to market needs satisfaction, through a balance of research, creativity and entrepreneurial tourism, travel and hospitality practice and approaches.

To nurture and bolster value addition to potential researchers, think tanks and talents for such to be outstanding and renowned tourism, travel and hospitality practitioners with a blend of professional academic and industrial competence in global tourism village.

Bcom (Hons) Tourism and Hospitality Management Degree

A candidate is required to undertake a minimum of five (5) modules per Semester unless one is carrying over or retaking certain modules from the previous academic level or semester respectively.
Each module is worth 12 credits except for the Work Related Learning Level 3, which is worth 120 credits and the dissertation, which is worth 36 credits.
The department may accept students who are discontinued from other programmes on condition they meet the entry requirements and only if places are available at that time.
Refer to Section 6 of the General Academic Regulations and Section 5 of the Faculty Regulations.
Failure to satisfy Examiners – Refer to Section 9 of the General Academic Regulations.
Provision for progression – Refer to Section 6 of the Faculty Academic Regulations.
Work Related Learning General Guidelines – Refer to Section 8 of the Faculty Regulations.
Grading and Degree Classification – Refer to Section 10 of the Faculty Regulations.
Degree Weighting-Refer to Section 13 of the Faculty Regulations.
Programme Structure

Normal entry:

The entry requirements is guided by the university regulations and policy, which prescribe that one should have 5 ‘O’ levels including Mathematics and English and 2 ‘A’ level passes, commercial subjects will be an advantage.
Special entry: Candidates with Higher National Diploma/ equivalent are exempted on a module per module basis and attachment, however no programme is completed in less than three academic years.
Block Release: To qualify for the visiting school programme, a candidate in addition to satisfying the minimum requirements as prescribed under the general and faculty regulations for English and Maths at `O’ Level, must have the following:
At least 2 `A’ Level passes in MOB and any other commercial subjects OR
A National Diploma in Travelling and Tourism or equivalent relevant qualification OR
Proof of employment in a Tourism or hospitality organisation
General provisions for the four year degree programme apply except for work related learning which runs concurrently with the second level of studies
The programme is three years long.

Mature entry:

this is articulated in detail in university academic policy guide.

The B. Comm. Accounting Honors Degree is a very competitive degree programme amongst the various B. Comm. Degree programmes that are offered by the Faculty of Commerce. Graduates for the B. Comm. Accounting Honors Degree can be employed as:

Financial Accountants

Management Accountants

Credit Controllers


Company Secretaries


Investment Managers

Public Administrators


Finance Managers

Managing Directors

Financial Analysts

Financial Advisors

Financial Consultants

Tax Consultants

Banking Executives and etc.

Vitalis Basera

Acting Chairperson