Welcome to the Department of Applied Accounting Sciences at Manicaland State University of Applied Sciences. The department takes pride in being founded in the year 2018, years after most universities established their accounting departments. In designing its program structure, the department has borrowed from its predecessor universities as well as professional bodies hence coming up with a program that creates jobs and provides industry with solutions to its problems in a dynamic economic environment.

To be a department of academic excellence that functions in both the job creator mode (JCR) and the industry solutions provider (ISP) mode through offering relevant programs, which prepare graduates to service diverse communities.

  • Combine critical thinking, creative thinking, innovatiness and an entrepreneurial mindset with accounting knowledge in order to provide national economy impacting industrial solutions.
  • Create national economic value through effective teaching and learning and quality research.
  • Formation of strategic associations with relevant key stakeholders nationally and internationally.
  • To continuously develop our JCR and ISP focussed programmes to ensure relevance and legitimacy in the workplace.

Undergraduate Degree Bachelor of Commerce Accounting Honours Degree


Normal Entry

To qualify for normal entry into the Bachelor of Commerce Accounting (Hons) Degree programme, a candidate, in addition to satisfying the minimum conditions as prescribed under the General Regulations and the Faculty Regulations for English and Mathematics at ‘O’ Level, must have obtained at least two passes at ‘A’ level in the following subjects: Mathematics, Accounting, Economics, Management of Business

Special Entry

Candidates who have successfully completed Higher National Diploma in Accounting or have obtained equivalent qualifications may apply for direct entry into Level II of the degree programme.

Direct entry into Level II of the programme is subject to availability of places

Candidates admitted under regulation 3.3 above will normally be exempted from Level I on a module- by module-basis.

No candidate may complete the degree in less than three academic Levels.

Successful completion of Work Related Learning component at Level III is compulsory for all candidates.



The B. Comm. Accounting Honors Degree is a very competitive degree programme amongst the various B. Comm. Degree programmes that are offered by the Faculty of Commerce. Graduates for the B. Comm. Accounting Honors Degree can be employed as:

Financial Accountants

Management Accountants

Credit Controllers


Company Secretaries


Investment Managers

Public Administrators


Finance Managers

Managing Directors

Financial Analysts

Financial Advisors

Financial Consultants

Tax Consultants

Banking Executives and etc.