( Tourism And Hospitality Management department)


From an industrial focused lens, the department is in process of developing a partnership with Afro-soft in developing a prototype software-based solution for tourism, travel and hospitality Small to medium entrepreneurial entities (SMEs and SMMEs) for such to be able to compete with Group Tourism/Hospitality and Travel operators who are establishing monopolistic-mergers in the global village.
The department’s education and training approaches enhances research, analytic, entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial aptitude/capacity through applicable/feasible practice of employable-industrial driven human capital development.

Welcome to the Tourism and Hospitality department at the Manicaland State University of Applied Sciences. The department is the only Tourism and Hospitality education whose curriculum aims to develop a balanced multi-skilled industrial-guided tourism, travel and hospitality competence. As an emerging department, its programme balances research, teamwork, education and training in typical entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial approaches throughout the teaching and learning processes and procedures (mechanism).

 To be unique Consultancy entity and proactive in addressing societal; economic and industrial human capital needs as having symbiotic relationship to market needs satisfaction, through a balance of research, creativity and entrepreneurial tourism, travel and hospitality practice and approaches.

To nurture and bolster value addition to potential researchers, think tanks and talents for such to be outstanding and renowned tourism, travel and hospitality practitioners with a blend of professional academic and industrial competence in global tourism village.

Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism and Hospitality Management Honours Degree (4 years) Full time

Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism and Hospitality Management Honours Degree (3 years) Visiting

Normal entry:

Any 2 ‘A’ levels with commercials being an added advantage OR at least National Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management Tourism Management / Marketing Management, Retail Management, Institute of Administration and Commerce (IAC).

visiting school

Diploma in Tourism Management/ Tourism Operations Management, International Tourism, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Hospitality Management, Travel Agency Management, Culinary Studies/ Professional cookery/ Bakery studies, Business Studies, Purchasing, Education, Marketing Management, Retail Management, Institute of Administration and Commerce (IAC)

A National Diploma in Travel and Tourism or equivalent relevant qualification and a proof of employment in a tourism and or hospitality organization.

At least one year working experience in the relevant field (proof of employment is required).


Hotel Operations, Tour and Travel Agents, Lodge Management, Services Marketing, National Parks, Airlines, Civil Aviation, Safari Operations, Museums, Conference Management, Environmental Organizations and Academic World, Universities

Vitalis Basera

Acting Chairperson