Bachelor of Engineering in Metallurgy Honours Degree



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To be the national and regional leader in education and research focusing on beneficiation and value addition of natural resources found within and outside Zimbabwe.

To produce graduates and research outputs that are internationally recognized and serve the local and regional metallurgical industry.

Bachelor of Engineering in Metallurgy Honours Degree (5 years ) – Full time

• Extraction of minerals and metals from their ores.
• Design, modelling and optimization of metallurgical processes in a human-friendly manner.
• Structure, property and processing relationships of materials and their applications.

Corrosion Engineers, Electrometallurgical Engineers, Foundry Engineers, Hydrometallurgical Engineers, Materials Engineers, Metallurgical Engineers, Physical Metallurgical Engineers, Lecturers  

Normal Entry

Passes at ‘A’ level in Chemistry and Mathematics and any other Science subject or Diploma in Mining Engineering, Geology, Metallurgical Assaying and Mine Surveying.