Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics Honours Degree

( Statistics Department)


Applied statistics provides our way of thinking and our approach to extracting the most information from numbers with uncertainty. The presence of uncertainty leads us to infer rather than deduce solutions and it is applied statistics that we rely upon to measure the accuracy and reliability of the extracted information.
Applied Statisticians and analysts not only interpret “big data,” but communicate the meaning of their findings. They help companies and organisations with methodologies, innovations, solutions, and practical implementations to produce tangible results through analytics.


The objectives of the programme are to:
a) Produce highly qualified graduates who are able to understand and operate effectively in the world of challenging and changing information and computing technology
b) Produce graduates who are proficient in designing and implementing software, hardware and networking solutions.
c) Design new ways to use computers
d) Develop effective ways to solve computing problems



Statisticians and Actuaries in Financial Institutions e.g. Banks, Insurance Companies, Meteorologists, Research and Project Manager, Lecturers  etc.


Passes at ‘A’ level in Mathematics, and any Sciences or Commercials.