Council Members


Dr Chomi Makinaz

Dr Chomi Makina is the Group Chief Executive Officer of Moonlight Provident Associates. He worked as President of Zimbabwe Association of Funeral Assurers (ZAFA) from 2000 – 2013, and is currently the President of the Funeral Services Association of Zimbabwe (FUSA) since 2013. He served as the President of the Insurance Institute of Zimbabwe from 2012 to 2014 (IIZ President) and is a Board Member of the International Association of Thanatologists (FIAT-IFTA) since 2009. Dr. Makina is also the International Council of Direction Member (ICD) for FIAT-IFTA and Zimbabwe since 2009. He served as the Chairperson of the Philanthropic Institute of Zimbabwe since 2013. Dr. Makina also served as the Board Member of the Insurance and Pensions Housing Fund since 2010. He also served as the Enactus Universities Judge – 2013 and Fellow at the Institute of Directors (IOD). Dr Makina is a graduate of the Bachelor of Education (UZ) where he obtained a teaching qualification in 1984. He also holds a Diploma in Business Leadership (ZIM), Certificate in bereavement Management (NFDA) – 2011, Bereavement Counseling FIAT-IFTA 2010, Fellow of the Institute of Directors (IOD). He also holds several honorary doctorates which includes Hon Doctorate in Philanthropy, Hon Doctorate of Entrepreneurship & Maverick leadership degree from Maverick University, Hon Doctorate of Entrepreneurship & Business Leadership degree from International University of Entrepreneurship and Business leadership, Hon Doctorate of Business Leadership Degree from International Women’s University, Hon Doctorate od Humane Letters Degree –from International Institute of Philanthropy. His skills ranges from Skilled in Negotiation, Budgeting, Enterprise Risk Management, Business Planning, and Property & Casualty Insurance.