The University Library aspires to be innovative, responsive and recognized as being at the centre of intellectual life of the University that is vital to the research, creative, innovative and academic pursuits of MSUAS and the global community that provides cutting edge knowledge for a sustainable future.



The MSUAS Library supports student success and life-long learning by delivering high-quality resources, instruction, services, programs and spaces to support the educational and professional goals of our students.  The MSUAS Library plays a critical role in educating students to be skilled and information literate researchers. 

Commitment to excellence

To work together as a team committed to provide the best possible service to our clients. We aspire to maintain a safe, quiet, supportive and welcoming study, reading and research environment.


We value being deeply work connected with our students, staff, faculty and our wider professional library colleagues.  

 Diversity and Inclusivity

The MSUAS Library cherishes the inherent worth and dignity of every member of our entire community and works to ensure equitable and impartial access to resources and services.

Equitable Access

The Library values every individual’s pursuit and use of information.  The Library also support scholarly systems that technologically and structurally enhance the open use and sharing of knowledge.

Innovation and Industrialization

The MSUAS Library fosters innovation and industrialization by always seeking new and better ways of working with the University community. The Library believes in thinking creatively, embracing change and new technologies.


MSUAS Library support and promote the concept of open culture. This includes research, digital collections and publications, scholarly products, and technological resources


The MSUAS Library is committed to student success by supporting research, innovation, industrialization, teaching and community engagement through services that provide convenient, reliable, and equitable access to information resources for the entire MSUAS Community.

Library Opening Times

Semester Time

Monday – Thursday   0800 – 1645hrs
Friday  0800 – 1615hrs
Saturday & Sunday 0800 – 1700hrs

Public Holidays        Closed


Vacation Time

Monday – Thursday  0800 – 1645hrs
Friday   0800 – 1615hrs

Weekends and Public Holidays   Closed

Our Goals


  1. To provide excellent services and collections to support research, innovation, industrialization, teaching and community engagement to a diverse community;
  2. To provide long-term preservation of the University’s research outputs;
  3. To establish a strong library linkage with national, regional and international institutions;
  4. To provide greater access to digital collections while continuing to build and improve collections in all formats to meet research, teaching and learning needs of the University;
  5. To provide high quality services through active participation in the university’s quality assurance and marketing processes; and,
  6. To increase the visibility and impact of the University’s research outputs.