Name: Mainford Toga

Designation: Lecturer 
Department: Metallurgical Engineering
Contact Details:


MSc Applied Science: Metallurgy (UP, South Africa, 2016);
BSc Honors Applied Science: Metullurgy (UP, South Africa, 2010);
BSc Honors Metallurgical Engineering (UZ, 2007).

Current Modules:

Mineral Processing I, Mineral Processing II and Technological Enterprenuership.

Selected Publications.

• Determinants of quality management in stimulating product and process innovations. Journal Article – International Journal for Quality Research. ISBN: 1800-6450.
• Corrosion behaviour of galvanized steel in synthetic mine waters. Conference Paper- 15th International Corrosion Congress, Granada, Spain; ISBN: 978-1-60423-599-9.
• The potential use of galvanized steel in the Zimbabwean Mining Industry. Conference Paper – 14th International Corrosion Congress, Cape Town, South Africa.


Zimbabwe Institute of Foundry (ZIF)
Key Research Areas: Alternative technologies for Iron and Steelmaking for a sustainable future.