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MSUAS welcomes 2024 first year students.

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Manicaland State University of Applied Sciences (MSUAS) welcomed a cohort of over 70 students who came from different parts of the country to study various programmes across the University’s four faculties.

In his welcoming remarks, the Executive Dean of Students, Mr. I. Chaka, welcomed the fresh crop as they started their academic journey with MSUAS. “I welcome you to this amazing journey which we are going to walk together with pride, integrity and hard work.  We are confident that with dedication, perseverance, and a commitment to Education 5.0, you will achieve your academic goals and graduate as well-rounded, successful individuals,” said Mr.  Chaka.

The week-long orientation program capacitates new students on understanding university administration and registration process, discipline and values driven character development, developing physically and psychosocially healthy lifestyles, spiritual upliftment and inspiration for successful academic life.

External stakeholders, such as the Police had an opportunity to induct the new students with the programme ending with an excursion in the serene Vumba Mountains.

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