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In line with the Ministry of Higher, Tertiary, Science Education and Development’s education 5.0 which is premised on five pillars which are: Teaching, Research, Community Service, Innovation and Industrialization, Manicaland State University of Applied Sciences (MSUAS) donated reading books to fourteen (14) Schools Secondary Schools in Mutare District as part of its Community Service on the 7th January, 2022. The donation was made possible courtesy of the University’s partner the Zimbabwe Library Association (ZIMLA). The handover ceremony was officiated by Mr Jerry Chifimbo, the Deputy Registrar for MSUAS. The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education was represented by the District Schools Inspector for Mutare District, Mr Chofamba and headmasters from the following schools who were recipients of the donation:
Tsvingwe High School, Mutare Boys’ High, Mutare Girls’ High, Gombakomba High School, Nyamauru High School, Zimunya High School, Dora High School, Chikanga Secondary School, Dangamvura High Schools, Sakubva 1 High School, Chitakatira High School, Chishakwe Secondary School and Sakubva High School.

“ A Book is a gift you can open again and again” Garrison Keillon.

The Deputy Registrar, Mr Chifimbo handed over the books on behalf of the Vice Chancellor, Professor Albert Chawanda. In his remarks he passionately advised on the need to inculcate a reading culture among students as it enhances lifelong learning, critical thinking, language skills and communication skills. He further reiterated that the donation was made to capacitate secondary schools’ libraries in support of fiscal efforts as well as the need for Universities to work hand in hand with communities in which they operate in. In receiving the donation, the District Schools Inspector, Mr. Chofamba buttressed that the donation had paved way for the commencement of mutual beneficial relations between secondary schools in Mutare and MSUAS. Mr Chofamba reiterated the importance of creating such beneficial mutual relations as they aid in teaching and learning and prepares students for University education.

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