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Manicaland State University of Applied Sciences recently launched the Community Mental Health Centre in a bid to decentralize the provision of Mental Health Services which are generally found at few psychiatric associations in Zimbabwe.

The initiative is aimed at providing high quality, consumer-driven, behavioural and targeted case management services to MSUAS students, staff and the community at large.

In his welcome remarks on the launch, the Vice Chancellor, Prof Albert Chawanda said:

“Establishing MSUAS Community Mental Health Centre marks a significant milestone in our commitment to fostering the well-being and holistic development of our students and the broader community in line with the national vision, Vision 2030, which leads the nation towards an upper middle-income economy.

“The Community Mental Health Centre is a safe space where individuals can seek help, find solace and embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery.

“Through a multidisciplinary approach, we aim to provide comprehensive mental health services that address a wide range of challenges, from stress and anxiety to depression as well as trauma.

“Today, we not only celebrating the opening of a physical space but also breaking down of barriers and the destigmatization of mental health.”

Subsequently, the Guest of Honour to the event Dr Mazvita Machinga commended the launch of the Community Mental Health Services Centre as instrumental to the development of the nation taking into consideration the implications of mental health cases students face in institutions of higher learning.

“The launch of the centre on campus is a critical initiative that addresses mental health needs of the student community.

“Mental health is essential for the overall health and affects various aspects of life, including relationships, personal fulfillment, productivity and societal contributions.

“It is no longer a subject that should be whispered or kept in shadows because mental health issues related to students are not just a concern but a call to action, a plea for empathy and a commitment to building a campus where the mental well-being of students is paramount,” said Dr Machinga.

The event brought together students, university staff, representatives from government departments as well as the civic society, all whom were committed on raising awareness on the importance of a community mental health centre in promoting a health and supportive community.

Additionally, the launch was an opportunity for MSUAS students and valued stakeholders to engage in open conversations, learn more about health and mental health mechanisms.

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