Welcome to the Department of Psychology. The Bachelor of Science Psychology Honors Degree seeks to endow students with the science of Psychology. It endeavors to equip studentswith the ability to describe, explain and predict human behavior. The theory and knowledge to be gained by students is aimed at promoting the psychological wellbeing of individuals and communities. Psychologically healthy individuals are an asset in the fulfillment of the industrialization agenda as enunciated in the Zimbabwe’s Education 5.0 blue print.
Students are further equipped with skills to conduct scientific research so as to enhance their competencies in offering culture sensitive and evidenced-based interventions. The Degree program further aims to produce graduates with a strong footing to pursue Psychologists’ training and subsequent registration. Opportunities are provided for students to; participate in community outreach programs, be affiliated to Psychology professional bodies, take part in activities which advance psychological wellness of diverse populations.

Psychology is a diverse and dynamic discipline with many different specializations; therefore psychology degrees are designed to give students a broad view of the discipline placed on the psychology spheres. Emphasis is placed on the psychology impact of an individual’s encounter with the environment such as the industrial, educational, hospital and social community set up.

To become a leading facilitator of teaching, research and innovation in psychology for socio-economic development.

To provide scientifically grounded education, culture sensitive innovation and community service for improved quality of life.

  • To provide training in Psychology which conforms to acceptable standards as specified by Allied Health Practitioners Council of Zimbabwe (AHPCZ).
  • To provide tuition that puts Psychology within a historical, social- cultural, political and economic context with particular emphasis on Zimbabwean realities.
  • To provide students with a dynamic tuition that meets the fast changing environment to enhance the quality of life.


For all entry pathways candidates must have at least five Ordinary Level subjects/ National Foundation Certificates including English Language, Mathematics and a Science subject at grade C or better.

Normal Entry:
5 “O” Level passes/ National Foundation Certificates, including English Language, and Mathematics at grade C or better and a relevant Science subject plus a minimum of any 2 “A” Level passes OR Relevant National Certificate.

Special Entry:
5 “O” Level passes, including English Language, and Mathematics at grade C or better plus a professional qualification such as a Diploma in a Psychology-related field

Mature Entry:
5 “O” Level passes, including English Language, and Mathematics at grade C or better, and a relevant Science subject, at least 25 years of age and a minimum of 3 years working experience.

One is eligible for entry to the industry, the civil service, in education and in the health services. Psychology related jobs include:

  •  Clinical Health Officers
  • Community workers
  •  Occupational Health Officers
  • Counselors
  • Human resource officers
  • Research assistants
  • Social Service officers