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MSUAS Strengthens Student Peer Counselling Programme

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In a move to bolster the University’s mental health support system, Manicaland State University of Applied Sciences (MSUAS) organized an intensive two-day Peer Counsellors’ Training Programme on the 4th and 5th of May, 2024.  The training was attended by 35 student Peer Counsellors who received instruction on providing both face-to-face and e-counselling sessions to their fellow students.

In her opening address to the 35 MSUAS students attending the Peer Counsellors’ Training Programme, Ms. T. Munamati, the University Counsellor, underlined the department’s unwavering dedication to establishing robust psycho-support systems for both students and staff. In her speech, Ms. Munamati emphasized the University’s commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment by empowering students to provide peer counselling and act as referral conduits. This, she said, would promote the overall well-being of the student community.

The training programme featured a distinguished panel of guest presenters, including Mr. L. Chiuswa and Sister T. Murapa from Africa University, as well as Mr I. Duru from Zimbabwe Open University. MSUAS University Chaplain, Rev. N Kadonhera and Dr. K. Kwembeya also graced the training with their presence, imparting their expertise and knowledge to the student Peer Counsellors.

As a reflection of its dedication to providing students with the necessary mental health support, Manicaland State University of Applied Sciences (MSUAS) remains committed to furthering its Psycho-social Support Services, ensuring that students have ready access to mental health services, enhancing their mental well-being during their studies.

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